Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau
Every European art style starting with those from the Middle Ages to those of today can be found in Riga’s architectural heritage. However, there is no equal to Riga’s Art Nouveau architecture anywhere in Europe in terms of quantity, concentration and artistic quality. 
More than 700 buildings or nearly 40% of all the buildings in the very centre of today’s Riga are built in the style of Art Noveau or Jugendstil. 
Riga is a true Art Noveau metropolis with its decorative elegance, curving lines, floral motifs, masks of smiling or menacing faces, reliefs of peacocks, dogs, cats, bears, dragons and other fantastic creatures. 
Here every facade is a symbol to decode - it’s like poetry in stone, like frozen music! 
Walk with us  through the heart of Art Nouveau district, learn about Jugendstil and Riga famous architects of that period, get inspired by increadible facades and try to decode their symbols!